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Posada (hotel - Lodge) or sailboat, What is the best Alternative?

Los Roques, a unique place in the Caribbean, where nature and people are still to be discovered.
We invite you to discover and explore the biggest and most antique marine park in the whole of the Caribbean.
There are two ways to enjoy the spectacular archipelago of “Los Roques”:
One way is the traditional Posadas (small Hotels / lodges) in The Island of Gran Roques.
The other way is cruising between the many islands enjoying the crystal clear mint-green water on one of the many sail and powerboats.


Posadas: All rooms have fans, but since there is not a lot of wind in the little crowded village, the nights are very hot and there is a lot of mosquitoes. There is a lot of noise in the village, specially around the end of the weekend.
Sailboats: Small but comfortable cabins, very good ventilation and lots of fresh air, total relax and you will only hear the light sound of the wind blowing since you will be anchored in a safe and quiet bay with nobody else around.


Posadas: You will have to leave Grand Roques every day, since the beaches there is permanently occupied by Panjeros (small fishing boats), also you will have to pay a fisherman to take you to the other Islands, which is not cheap.
Sailboats: In every Island you can enjoy your own private beach, having fun every day, away from the crowd, at maximum pleasure: snorkeling, windsurf, fishing, diving, water-skiing etc. You do not have to move, everything is within reach.


Posadas: Its limited since the fishermen only bring people around to the Islands at certain hours and since there is no night life you will not miss anything on land.
Sailboats: Every day, all day and night you can swim and do what you want, make barbecue on the beach, or just enjoy the silence in the night on the boat.


Posadas: Is good but sometimes there is no water or light. Food is good but it is not Cuisine.
Sailboats: It personalized and most of the captains is gourmet cooks, also you can always tell the cook what you like or dislike, or even give a few advises.

Navigare es la vida..


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