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The biggest event in Venezuela, which is different from any thing else in the world is the, Feria del Sol in Merida. This event starts in February, if someone is looking for the biggest party, that\'s it.

The tourist season in Venezuela runs year-round so, theoretically, any time you visit is OK. However, the dry season is more pleasant for traveling, though some sights - including the famous Angel Falls - are certainly more impressive in the wet season.

Also keep in mind the periods during which Venezuelans take their holidays. They are mad about traveling to visit friends and family over Christmas, Carnival (several days prior to Ash Wednesday) and Semana Santa (Holy Week; the week before Easter Sunday). In these three periods, you\'ll have to plan ahead and do a little more legwork before you find a place to stay. On the other hand, these periods are colorful and alive with a host of festivities.

Sailing: All year around, No hurricane season.
Scuba diving: All year around in Los Roques, but from May to November the water is clearer if you want to dive along the the northern coastline of Venezuela.

  • Archaeological Diving: May, June,  August, September.
  • Bone Fishing: April - December.
  • Deep sea fishing: January - April.
  • Jungle Trips Amazon: September - February.
  • Canaima: June - December.
  • La Gran Savanna: June - December.
  • Los Llanos: July - December.
  • Party Time:  Eastern Week in March and every weekend.
  • Party Time: Carnival in Carupano.
  • Windsurfing: January - April

The country\'s largest, most exuberant festival is Carnival, which takes place on the Monday and Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday. Characterized by music, dancing, parades and masquerades, the flavor of the event varies from region to region. The town of Carúpano is famous throughout the country for its elaborately staged Carnival.

Given the strong Roman Catholic character of Venezuela, most other national celebrations are tied to the Christian calendar. Apart from Easter, Christmas and Corpus Christi, which are celebrated enthusiastically, there are many saints\' days spread over the calendar year celebrated in various cities and towns.

Public Holidays:

  • January 1 - New Year\'s Day
  • Before Easter Sunday - Maundy Thursday & Good Friday
  • April 19 - Declaration of Independence
  • May 1 - Labor Day
  • June 24 - Battle of Carabobo
  • July 5 - Independence Day
  • July 24 - Bolívar\'s Birthday
  • October 12 - Discovery of America
  • December 25 - Christmas


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