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Donald Steets Boat

Boat Charter in Venezuela, updates, history and opinions.
Venezuela relax and have fun…
Back in the fifties when Nicholson, a retired naval admiral of the British fleet decided to buy a old wooden ketch, and go exploring the seven seas it was obvious that the Caribbean with is beautiful islands climate and exotic clings was to be the final destination. Nicholson rediscovered Admirals bay in Antigua and restored it with his family. It was here the word charter was invented and the start of what we know as boat and yacht charter of today.

During the sixties and up to the nineties is was only the very wealthy and fortunate people that could afford to spend a holiday cruising down the Caribbean, which Nicholson started with invited friends of his that where tired of playing cricket.

Later Donald Street helped (with his Cruising Guides to the eastern Caribbean and Venezuela ) many crazy people with there new dreams implementing good old fashion navigation techniques and different ways of pulling your boat of a reef.

Quoted by Donald: Venezuela beats the rest of the Caribbean seven days to Sunday… 

Today enjoying a charter in the Caribbean is possible for most people due to cheaper airfares and less expenses of maintaining a modern boat.

It is still possible to get to know the real Caribbean that did exists back then in the fifties with unspoiled and deserted islands and an abundance of underwater live as described by Christopher Columbus in his third voyages like as it could have been a cruise of today in these same waters.

Touching the east end of Venezuela in 1503 he wrote: this must be Eden if it still exists.

Venezuela offers all that and with more coastline and islands compared to the rest of the Caribbean countries and islands.

Venezuela reveals this relatively new destination for crewed charter and with very reasonable prices as you will discover.
Because of government laws and environment controls only a few charter boats a given license to do charter and this contributes to the difference.

You will never have overcrowded anchorages with dangers of collisions because of a change in the wind direction

Also there is no danger of hurricanes because of the country’s southern latitude.

You will not be harassed by unfriendly fishermen or local people that have been spoiled by mass tourism. Examples of these incidents are common in the northern Caribbean these days.

The famous charter islands of US and British virgin islands has fleets of more than 2500 sailboats all doing charter in an area smaller than as an example the archipelago of Los Roques (one of the best cruising grounds of  the southern Caribbean).

In Los Roques with more than 50 islands there are maybe around 20 charter boats working regularly…. 

Racism is non existent due to integration of white and black people in the early days (an example today is of cause the very beautiful women see all over this country) when the Spanish discovered that the excess of sugar cane could be used to produced rum (why bother about the price of sugar) today this mentality follows the world market price of  crude Oil.
Slavery was abandoned in Venezuela long before it became the norm in the rest of the world (The small town San Jose close to Higerote on the north coast of Venezuela  was the first place in the new world where all slaves were freed in 1595).

Rich or poor is not an issue in Venezuela it’s about having a good time and then do some work in between..

Relax and have fun worries are when you get back home..

Government instabilities has not changed since the days of Simon Bolivar and it is not a very important issue when its vacation time..

Take it easy when you watch the international news back home.

Enjoy it while it lasts


Donald M. Street Jr.

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