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Tobago Cay is part of the Grenadines and has nothing to do with Trinidad and Tobago.

Tobago Cays is a small archipelago of beautiful coral islands similar to those seen in the Bahamas and the Archiepelago of Los Roques in Venezuela.

The group of deserted island lies behind the sheltering barrier of World's End and Horseshoe Reefs.

The most famous of all the anchorages in the Grenadines, the cays are the dreams of anyone looking in a travel brochure.

Tropical white beaches with deep-water channels winding through the turquoise pastel shallows of crystal waters.

The yachts­man can spend days living in the midst of their beauty.

The cays are inclined to become a little crowded in the height of the winter season, but even then the novice skipper can escape the crowd by picking a spot out to windward under the lee of the reef.

The cays are uninhabited, in the sense that there are no villages and no permanent residents.

However, a number of men and boys from nearby islands do in fact camp out there during the charter season now and then, making their living by rowing from boat to boat, selling lobsters, scampi, ice, bread, fruits, and vegetables. Fresh water is about the only commodity lacking on this pearl of the Grenadines.

The northern approach to the cays is simple enough. Once past Glass Hill on Canouan, head a little higher than the easternmost of Mayero.
Soon the wicked looking Bayline Rocks will be clearly seen. Pass between these rocks and the end of Horseshoe Reef.
A two flash beacon on the cays will come into line to lead you in.
When approaching the cays from the N, the cautious navigator would do well to leave Bayline and the unmarked shoal patch to port until the day beacons are in line.
Make a cautious approach in good light and be prepared to eyeball your way around.
The southern entrance is more complex, and should be attempted for the first time only in good light.
From the top of the mast cruising trough the dark-blue water of the channel is very easy.
The most popular anchorage is in the gut between the two islands. A strong current sometimes rushes through the channel, and yachts should lie to a mooring with two anchors off the bow, one to the E and the other to the W.
In summer conditions, the favorite place is just to windward of the little beach on Jamesby, the southernmost of the group, or as far to the SE of Baradal as the draft allows you.
In Obsession, drawing 7 feet, we could roam all over the banks inside the reef.
The top of the mast photo was taken here in 1992.
Snorkeling is of course superb out on the Horseshoe Reef, especially due E of the northern tip of Baradal, where there is a break in the reef.
Lobsters and conch can be caught with ease on the outermost tip of the reef.
A good place for beginners to practice is of the beach on the SE side of Petit Bateau, the southern­most of the two main islands.
Outside the Horseshoe in Petit Tabac, in settled or summer weather, an anchor­age can sometimes be found in the Horseshoe's lee. If not, take the dinghy through the small-boat pass up by Baradal and play Robinson Crusoe for a bit.
Also in settled weather, eyeball it out to the sprawling World's End Reef, where you will be absolutely alone, seemingly in the middle of the ocean. The holding is good, and there's no reason why you shouldn't overnight there in a calm spell.
It’s a funny feeling, though-there's not a scrap of land between you and central Africa.

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