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Boca del medio, Francisqui, Carenero, Dos Mosquises, Cayo Sal, Boca de Cote, Archipelago of Los Roques, Territorio Insular, 1161, Venezuela
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Hundreds of kilometers of Venezuelan coast line and its Caribbean Islands with Los Roques as number one.

Excellent conditions to practice scuba and snorkeling for everyone, beginners - experienced - and professionals.

All the diving operation in Los Roques is guided and supervised by our PADI / NAUI / SSI Open Water Instructor.

The equipment: We use 12 liter aluminum tanks with standard US valve fittings. If you dont want to carry all you diving equipment with you, we provide Cressi Sub regulators and BCDs and lead belts.

You should bring your own ABC gear with you to Los Roques.

Los Roques, the Archipelago of Los Roques, situated 85 miles north of Caracas and 100 miles East of Bonaire, is the oldest and largest National Marine Reserve in all of the Caribbean.

The archipelago is comprised of 950 square miles of warm azure waters, strewn with 350 islands, islets, reefs and spectacular pure white talcum soft beaches.

Diving in the Los Roques archipelago is the very essence of a diving adventure. This is the kind of diving once found in the Caribbean 20 years ago, yet almost non-existent today. It is a paradise of secluded and, until now, unknown reefs, alive with the unfettered wilderness of nature. Huge amounts of marine life, walls of soft corals and sea whips descend to more than 200 ft. through a kaleidoscope of tropical fish. Along the flanks of submerged mountains, snappers, groupers and jacks gaze while barracudas cruise in precise formation and stingrays lurk on the sandy bottom. A wide variety of dive sites: shallow reefs, perpendicular drop-offs, pinnacles, caves that harbor sharks and crustaceans of every type, hide in cervices among forests of sponges, all sites reminiscent of everything from the Galapagos to Bonaire. Los Roques indeed provides the most unique, remote and greatest of all Caribbean underwater adventures.

Each dive per person all incl.  $45.- US including dive permits, tank and lead.
2 immersions per day all incl. $65.- US including dive permits, tank and lead.
Night dive per person all incl.  $50.- US including dive permits, tank and lead.
Dive packages with a minimum duration of 4 days have a discount of 10%.
Discount for groups of more than 4 persons please ask for quotes!

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Check in times

Daily departures from Gran Roque or from the Yacht or Sailboat where you are accommodated:

Leaving: 9:30 in the morning, 12.00 midday, 2.30 in the afternoon and 19.00 hours for night dives.

Trips to Cayo de Sal and Boca de Cote is a Full Day trip including 2 immersions with departure at 9:30 in the morning. (great option)!!

Policies & disclaimers

Guided Adventure Diving at its best in Los Roques.

We will be diving in and around the reefs of the archipelago and Islands. We will concentrate most of our diving in and around the superstructure which is between 12 and 30 meters. The visibility will vary between 100 and 200 meters and the water temperature will vary between 27 and 30 degrees C. The second dive will in most cases be a reef dive which will be between 6 and 42 meters.

You are responsible for ensuring that persons under the age of 18, who are accompanying you, follow our instructions at all times.

Explore Divers are fortunate enough to be able to dive in almost any weather conditions due to our privileged location and knowledge of our area, so with this in mind we will dive unless we feel conditions are not safe. The weather conditions throughout Los Roques is very stable.
Explore Divers trust people and in good faith we will have to take the full deposit payment prior to any dive tour (pre reservations are needed any time of the year), so if your plans change please contact us and we can make alternate arrangements, and refund if cancellation is needed.
1.    More than 72hrs notice of cancellation - no charge
2.    24hrs notice or less of cancellation - 50% Charge (unless I can fill your space)
3.    No Show - full amount will be charged
4.    Seasickness, personal health conditions, not able to equalize or not feeling like diving are not grounds for refunds.

Please remember your certification Cards & Logbooks!

Dive permits are included in the price!

This web site provides general information, every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, however Explore Divers accepts no responsibility for errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the information provided. Further it will not be liable to anyone in respect to any loss, injury or damage expense suffered or incurred as a result of a reliance on the information on this website.

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Scuba Diving - Scuba Diving with Boat - Dive Master - Tanks
Max person: 12
Level: easy
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Tour/tour type Scuba Diving
Valid from Saturday, 13 October 2012 Valid til Wednesday, 01 March 2023
Minimum days 1 Maximum days 1
Min person 1 Max person 12
75€  Per day


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