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Auyantepuy, Canaima, Bolivar, Max 7 persons, Venezuela
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Angel Falls in Venezuela, The eight wonder of the world. The incredible Angel Falls, rising 3,230 feet above the floor of the remote Venezuelan jungle. The worlds tallest waterfall. A must if you visit Venezuela.

In the 1930's when pilot Jimmie Angel landed his plane on top of the Auyan tepui (a Tepuy is a sandstone mesa) and got bogged down in the marsh he didn't find what he was looking for.

Instead of gold, he found the world's highest waterfall. At 979 meters (3230 feet) with an uninterrupted drop of 807 meters (2663 ft), Angel Falls is sixteen times the height of Niagara Falls. To reach Angel Falls, located in Canaima National Park, you fly into Canaima about 50 km (31 miles) away then take either a small plane or a boat to the falls. There are no foot trails. Some tours may fly into Kavac, an Indian settlement south of the tepui, and proceed from there. Canaima is located on Laguna Canaima, a portion of Rio Carrao, near the magnificent falls of Salto Hacha and the close-by Salto El Sapo.

Canaima National Park is the biggest national park in Venezuela and it's the third biggest in the world.  It have more than 3 millions HA. The park is divided in two sectors: western and eastern. Most tours are operated in the western sector. In this sector you can find the Canaima Lagoon and the Canaima camp, It is here you find the Angel Falls! In the dry season (January to May), the waterfall may be just a thin stream of water fading into mist. In the rainy season (June to December) the falls are often voluminous and spectacular. The top of the Tepui is often shrouded in mist. Viewing the falls from the air is the best way to see the grandeur and the height.

Campamento Canaima: 3 days / 2 night all inclusive: $369. Prices includes: Accommodation, airfare, excursions, lunch, soft drinks and guides. More about: Angelfalls.Travel

Campamento Bernal price: 3 nays / 2 nights: $ 290. Sleeps in hammock but with all day tours included + full board.

Campamento Parakaupa: NEW! 3 days / 2 night all inclusive: $250. The price includes: Assistance and Transfer in Canaima + full board.

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Mountain Tour - all included - Price is for 7 persons with boat ride - lunch and private flight
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