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28 miles southeast of Porlamar Margarita.
Cubagua was the site of the earliest European settlement in South America in 1493, the Pearl fishing city of Nueva Cadiz. The town was eventually wiped out by a tidal wave and abandoned in 1541. Today the arid island is home to only a few itinerant fishing camps. Charagato Bay, on the north side of the island, is a very cool place to dive - figuratively and literally.

Thanks to the influence of a nearby ocean trench, the water of the bay stays in the upper 60s to low 70s year-round and it is still possible to find oysters here. Ruins from the past can be found on the eastern side.

Cubagua onboard the sailboat Audrey.

PRICE: US $200, - p / person

(minimum 2 adults, maximum 6 adults, children up to 12 years 50%) it includes transfer Hotel-dock-hotel, or Airport-dock-airport in Margarita.

Diving is optional. Add $50 per person per immersion.

2 days and 1 night: $ 300 per person.
Some interesting wrecks are marked by the tip of a ferryboat protruding from the water. The ferry went down in the 1970s under suspicious circumstances and came to rest on a sand slope, her stern under 45 feet of water. A salvage mission went awry and the tug that tried to raise her also went down, coming to rest just a few feet to the starboard side in the cold, greenish water. What really makes the dive interesting though is the diversity and abundance of fish. Massive schools of grunts, grouper and even trumpetfish become mere background for exotic species including the red banner benny, the Vieja (a seabass species found only in South America) and lesser electric rays hiding in the sand.

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West of the Island of Guadeloupe lies the most forgotten Island of the Caribbean. The Aves Island belongs to Venezuela it is more than 500 km. from the mainland and is situated right in the middle of the Caribbean sea 15.41.952 North and 063.39.355 West.
Aves Island is only 150 meters long and 30 meter wide.
The Island is slowly disappearing and it is now a serious treat because Venezuela would lose it sovereignty in the Caribbean sea. 
Because of the islands position and height (only a couple of meters) it has always been a treat to the navigation and several rich laden ships sunk on the reefs around the Island.
An underwater expedition would be of great interest since the Island newer has be surveyed for archeological interests.
The Venezuelan Armada has now a base there (built on stilts) and it is possible with the right connection to get a permit to go there.
If you have any interesting information about the Island please contact us.
Also if you would like to sponsor a charter and discover it for yourselves, please contact us!.
The underground here is one of the richest in the world and we will soon see Isla Aves on the headlines all over the world..
Donald Street once showed me a hand drawn map of the island, please send me a copy if you run into one...

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Blanquilla is 60 miles north Juan Griego, 70 miles northwest of Porlamar Isla Margarita. The Islands of Los Hermanos is eight miles southeast of La Blanquilla.
La Blanquilla is a 72-square-mile limestone island shaped like an arrowhead and named for bright white sand beaches a truly delightful island well of the beaten track of charter boats. It is low lying about 50 feet high. There are some spectacular beaches, clear water and wonderful snorkeling. 

Blanquilla is also the home of Venezuelan wall diving, sitting as it does on the edge of a deep open trench. The wall starts just 65 feet from shore, and plummets straight down more than 3,000 feet. At some spots, including Piedra del Ahogado (The Drowned Rock), coral pinnacles scratch the water's surface. The walls are also rich with black corals, which are increasingly hard to find throughout the world.

There is a few fishermen living here in the fishing season and joining them fishing early in the morning is some of the best trills I have ever had. Preparing the dinner later makes it a day to remember.

Los Hermanos are five rock spires rising up from the depths to form a convenient anchorage for fishing boats. The crews often clean their catch here, discarding the slop overboard where it is manna from heaven for a dense collection of fat and happy fish - from Moray eels to Barracuda and Trigger fish.

Trips only by sailboat from Margarita:
Crewed charter (3nights / 4 days) onboard Audrey.

We leave at 10 from Margarita Yachting Marine, bound to the Island La Blanquilla, distance 62 nautical miles, 12 hours of sailing approximately.
Passing by the Islands of Los Hermanos with the intention of fishing.
We arrive in the morning at the Island La Blanquilla and we anchor in a beautiful solitary bay in front of a beach of singular beauty. (The Yaque) The sand is very white and fine with a submarine paradise within reach of any person even having no experience with snorkeling.

After the breakfast of the second day we weigh anchor toward another bay, Playa El Americano (The American Beach) different but equally beautiful, with a spectacular natural bridge and the particularity of the presence of a innumerable amount of Cachicares (kind of a small eagle) and of iguanas.

The third day we visit LAS TRES PLAYAS (THE THREE BEACHES), another bay worthy of being visited.

A little before the evening we lift the anchor to return to Margarita Island.
First class attention of captain Marc and his crew is included, as well as meals with wine, snacks to the Caribbean style, open bar (Beer, Rum, Cuba Libres, Sodas) during the trip.

PRICE: US $500, - p / person ++

(minimum 2 adults, maximum 6 adults, children up to 12 years 50%) it includes transfer Hotel-dock-hotel, or Airport-dock-airport in Margarita.

Diving is optional. Add $50 per person per immersion.

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La Isla Bonita. 
Facing the east coast of Venezuela with white sand beaches, coral reefs and lagoons reflected in the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea, is the island of Margarita. Isla Margarita well know in Europe and Canada as the alternative to the relative expensive islands of the northern Caribbean. In Margarita there is no racisme and less crime than compared to the more know islands of the northern Caribbean. In Margarita you find an abundance of night life and casinos well worth it. More travellers are comming to Margarita than any other destination in Venezuela. You find good prices on electronics, licor and food.

New for Margarita Island Online Reservation: Hotels - Resorts - Posadas - Yachts - Tours  

Isla Margarita still has a few well kept secrets as the small town of Juan Griego and Playa Galera, the islands of Coche, Los Frailes, Isla Blanquilla, Los Testigos and the island of Cubagua. These are worth while a visit.

Casa  Caracol:
Looking for a different kind of accommodation, Casa Caracol is your choice. On the northern coast of the island of Margarita, near the town of Juan Griego, lies Playa Caribe, two kilometers of crushed coral sand well known for its breathtaking sunsets. A few steps from this idyllic spot is the home of Casa Caracol, a place far away from the crowds of the city. For more information and reservation!

We arrange day charter tours from Playa Galera, Juan Griego in the north west side of the Island, here you will also find the departure port for sailing to the island of Blanquilla an estimated navigation of around 10 - 14 hours.

Day Tours and Crewed Charters:
From the town of Polamar we arrange day tours and crewed charter to the Islands of Coche, Cubagua, Los Frailes, Los Testigos, Tortuga and Isla Blanquilla.

Departure at 9.00 hours return at 18.00, price $85 per person.

Day charters includes Lunch, snacks and open bar.   

Margarita is rich in history and landscapes, and offers exciting possibilities: golfing, horseback riding, boat excursions to the national park 'La Restinga' or to the small island of Coche, jeep safaris, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing or historic tours of antique cathedrals and Spanish forts. 

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Departure at 8:00 a.m. at Margarita Yachting Marine (the former Marina Hilton), return approximately at 6:00 in the afternoon.
Sailing about 2 and a half hours up to 3 hours on board our sailing boat with possibility of fishing during the trip (the catch can be eaten on board or taken away)
We anchor in a calm bay, where we can practice snorkeling surrounded by crystalline water and a great variety of fish and corals, or simply to swim in the sea enjoying the beautiful landscape, besides a delicious lunch, snacks and open bar during the whole excursion, which includes sodas, juice, beer, rum and Cuba Libres.

In the islands of Los Frailes oysters with pearls can still be found at fairly shallow waters, even if you do not find a pearl the oysters are delicious just with a bit of lime eaten fresh from the shell. (I personally have found lots of pearls)

Approximately at 3 p.m. we weigh anchor bound to Margarita Island.

Price : US 95 p / person.
(Minimum 4 adults, children up to 5 free, 6-12 years 50% máx. 12 passengers) 

Diving is optional optional: Add 45$ per immersion per person including equipment.

Please make a reservation beforehand..

Los Frailes "the monks"..

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