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The famous Pirate Island
The Island of Tortuga, which in fact is one big Island and 3 smaller ones, is located some 50 miles west of Isla Margarita.
This Island used to be a hide out place for Piratas during the 17th. century, but today it is uninhabited with some fishermen living here in the fishing season. It is a beautiful Island with long white sand beaches and lots of interesting bays and places to visit.
This map was found in the Archivos National de Venezuela, it shows a Dutch fortress from 1668, well protected on the high plain, with its natural harbor in front.
Tortuga has some of the most beautiful bays on the south shore only a few persons have been there. A calm day and a good dinghy is important since there is no anchorages for bigger boats.
In the revolution time with Simon Bolivar, treasures was hidden by rich Spanish families here, in an attempt to save their most valued treasures, many big anchors can be found here and a wooden chest was found there 5 years ago with silver plate by the local fishermen, its the only Venezuelan Island where sweet water can be found in natural caves.
Today it is a deserted island, where a few fishermen lives in the lobster season, specially the southern part of the Island have some beautiful lagoons and landscape, not found anywhere else in the Caribbean..

Trips to Tortuga: Departure from either Puerto la Cruz, Margarita or Bahia de los Piratas.

Trips by sailboat from Margarita:
Sailing to Isla Tortuga: 4 days / 3 nights.
Leaving from Porlamar Margarita Yachting Marine at 6:00 pm. In direction of Isla Tortuga 45 nautical miles magnetic course 270º, estimated time of navigation 10 hours, to arrive at Cayo Herradura at dawn.

A stopover can be done at the National Park of Mochima on the way back to Margarita. It is well worth discovering this National Park by boat.
First class attention of Captain Marc and his crew onboard Audrey is included as well as meals, snacks and open bar (national drinks) during the trip.

PRICE: $ 400 – p / person (min. 3 adults, max 6, children under 12 years 50%. 

Diving is optional. Add $45 per person per immersion.

Ask for availability beforehand...

Weekend trips with the Mini cruiser to Isla Tortuga:

Departure every Saturday morning from Bahia de Los Piratas in Carenero 2 hours drive from Caracas.

Includes: Tent, airbeds, water, ice, stove for cooking, fishing gear, beach toys and waterskiing.

You bring: Food and drinks and bed lined + personal belongings.

Price per person: 2 days / 1 night $65.

(Minimum 20 persons)

Contact us for individual bookings..

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More information Tortuga island
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La Orchila the Island of pink sandy beaches east of Los Roques.

It is now possible to visit La Orchila with a special permit from the Armada of Venezuela. Orchila is the least known Island of the southern Caribbean (possible all of the Caribbean), it has been protected by the Venezuelan government for the last 42 years and only the president and high rank military persons could go there.

It is said to have pink beaches and an abundance of fish underwater life not found anywhere else since the days of Columbus.

Departure is either from Los Roques or Bahia de los Piratas.

Reservation has to be done with 1 months notice, including special permission.

Price per day, max 6 persons with all included is $1200 per day, including scuba on this cruise scuba diving, spear fishing, trawling and other activities are all included, minimum 1 week. 

Choice of boat: Obsession   Visit the official Orchila Website!

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Enjoy The Caribbean as it was 50 years ago.
Los Roques a well kept secret sailing paradise among sailors who arrived in the early nineties and before trying to find the Caribbean that we all dreamed about when we started to look at the Atlas many years ago.

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The Islands of Las Aves is situated some 30 miles west of Los Roques and 45 miles East of Bonaire.
With around 90 miles from La Guaira, (on the North coast of Venezuela).
It takes a bit more than a nights sail from La Guaire or Carenero Higarote with a Sailboat, the only way to get there.

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En el Mar Caribe existe un lugar desconocido, paradisíaco y virgen llamando Archipiélago de Los Roques.
Ya no hay que viajar hasta las Islas Maldivas o las islas del pacifico sur, para disfrutar de paisajes excepcionales y lugares realmente fascinantes.
En estas Islas el tiempo se ha detenido, su belleza natural se mantiene salvaje, rodeado de una magia muy especial, que lo envuelve todo.
Solo hay solitarias islas, y espectaculares paisajes marinos que invitan a descansar, a no pensar en nada y olvidarse del mundo disfrutando de este formidable y exótico lugar del Caribe.
Mapa de los Roques en el norte de la costa de Venezuela.
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En el Mar Caribe a 176 Km. al norte de Caracas está situado el Archipiélago de los Roques, uno de los parques nacionales marinos más grandes del Caribe, con paisajes excepcionales, playas de arenas blancas, aguas de azul turquesa, tibias y cristalinas y una inmensa riqueza natural.
En la Isla Gran Roque está asentada la población  permanente del archipiélago, constituida aproximadamente por 200 familias, la mayoría, provenientes de la Isla de Margarita se dedican a la pesca artesanal de langosta, caracoles y peces propios de nuestras aguas tropicales.
Ofrecemos estupendos programas de navegación a través de este impresionante Archipiélago, abordo de excelentes Veleros y Yates. Descubrirán maravillosas islas solitarias Campamento Francisqui, con hermosas playas y tranquilas bahías, sus experimentadas tripulaciones lo harán sentir como en el mejor Hotel. Ofreciéndole una exquisita comida a base de productos del mar, variadas actividades: Pesca de fondo, pesca de macabi, windsurf, buceo, snorkeling y la experiencia de navegar y explorar uno de los destinos mas codiciados y poco conocidos del Caribe y del Mundo.
El archipiélago  Los Roques tiene una extensión de 221.120 hectáreas y está constituido por 50 islas, islotes y cayos junto a los numerosos bancos coralinos. Conformando un anillo que bordea la laguna central ocupada por manglares y formaciones coralinas. Fue decretado Parque Nacional el 9 de Agosto de 1972.
Veleros vs. Posadas en Los Roques continuado >
Mas sobre Los Roques en Espanol
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